Phuket boat show 2016.

Phuket boat show 2016, was held in Phuket royal marina.

I went to Phuket royal marina, to see the yearly Phuket boat show 2016. Not that I am much into boats but I saw a sign that advertised the show when driving around Phuket, so I thought it could be interesting visiting the show.

I have to admit it was my first boat show ever. The show itself was in a setup very similar to many other kinds of trade fairs or show I have attended. The biggest difference was most of the action was not in the exhibition hall but in the water. I addition to the boats there was also some expensive cars on display.

Phuket marina is as the name says a marina, but you can also buy a house in the marina where you can have your boat moored directly outside your house.

I was curios how much it would cost to have a house in the marina, a boat moored outside the house and a Rolls Royce parked in the underground parking garage, so did a little calculation.

The houses start at 150 million THB, I saw a nice boat with a price tag at 120 million baht and a Rolls Royce cost around 40 million baht. The whole packed will cost you around 310 million baht, and that is not including the maintenance. I took the calculation a little further and found out it would take a Thai worker a least 2500 years to make that kind of money.

All in all, I would say it was an interesting day when a visited Phuket boat show in Phuket marina. The show was on 07/01/2016 to 10/01/2016

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