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Explore Thailand in Pictures and stories

The first time I came to Thailand was in 1989, and it was "Love at first sight." Many more visits followed until 2004 when I moved to Thailand to live permanently.

Road trips are my big passion, and that has taken me to almost every corner of the country. My other big love is photography, so I have lots of photos and stories to share from my adventures.

I still feel the same excitement every time I go on a trip as I did the first time, sitting on the back of a pickup touring the south of Thailand more than 30 years and 500.000 kilometers ago.

To ease the navigation of the site, I have divided Thailand into 3 parts; North, Central, and South Thailand


Northern Thailand

Rich in culture, with stunning mountain sceneries, Northern Thailand offers endless opportunities for extraordinary adventures ranging from the long-necked people in Mae Hong Song, The golden triangle bordering Burma and Laos, or the stunning Lanna Kingdom era temples in Chaing Mai.

If you want real adventures, Northern Thailand is the place. Click here..


Central Thailand

Central Thailand is home to the ancient capital Ayutthaya, the Second World War "death railway" in Kanchanaburi, one of Asia's largest second-hand clothing markets on the Cambodian border, not to forget Bangkok's incredible temples and China Town's delicious street food.

Central Thailand is the place if you are into cultural experiences spiced up with great food. Click here..


South Thailand

South Thailand is known for its world-class beaches, tropical paradise islands, and stunning limestone formations immortalized in countless blockbuster movies.

When you visit southern Thailand, you can also expect super fresh seafood prepared according to the beloved classic Thai recipes.

Southern Thailand is the place to pamper yourself, relax on the beach, and enjoy fantastic seafood. Click here..

Learn how to cook Thai food the easy way

Thai cuisine is loved all over the world, but contrary to what many believe, Thai food is both quick and easy to make.

I've made easy-to-follow step by step picture recipes that enable anyone to cook the most delicious dishes like a real Thai master chef.

Click on a dish below or here to see the full menu...

The menu

  • Pineapple Fried Rice

    Pineapple fried rice or in Thai “khao pad sapparot” is a healthy,  delicious and beautiful…

    2 years ago

  • Stir fried pork with basil

    “Pad Krapow Muu” as Stir-fried pork with basil is called in Thai Pad Krapow Muu very…

    2 years ago

  • Thai yellow curry

    Thai yellow curry is called Kaeng Kari in Thai. Thai yellow curry is a very delicious…

    2 years ago

The most common ingredients used in Thai food

Everyone knows that Thai food has a reputation for being really healthy. What not many know is that some of the Thai dishes are also used in traditional Thai medicine to cure and prevent various diseases.

I think this is very interesting, so I have started researching a little about the most common ingredients used in Thai cooking. See all the ingredients here ...