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Explore the Golden Triangle – A road trip to Northern Thailand – Day 01

Phuket – Bangkok, a little about the Golden Triangle, the trip, and what happens on the road.

It is Saturday, the 11 December 2021, and I have been in COVID lockdown for almost two years, and the Island fever is sneaking in on me.

I love Phuket, but I love exploring even more. I usually go on road trips around Thailand four to five times a year, so to stay at home for two years straight is a challenge, even when you live in paradise.

But finally, I leave Phuket for new adventures, this time, to the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand.

When I go on road trips around Thailand, I never plan much in advance; I have a general area as a destination, like, in this case, the golden triangle. Then I just take one day at a time.

I will blog every day on this trip; I will try to visit as many interesting places as possible, shoot many pictures, and share them and their stories. I will also stop along the road, shoot pictures and get the stories if I see anything worth sharing.

My plan for the day is I reach the Bangkok area, where I will find a motel and spend the night.

The Golden Triangle is where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet. I have read somewhere it was the CIA that gave the Golden Triangle its name, but I will look into that and the history when I get there.

The Golden Triangle is mainly known for opium production in the past and for methamphetamine now. Thailand does not produce opium anymore, but there is still some production in Myanmar and not so much in Laos.

I do not go to the Golden Triangle to investigate opium and drug production. Still, I will briefly look into the history when I am there anyway.

The Golden Triangle has many other more exciting stories to share and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand.


The Golden Triangle is where Thailand Laos and Myanmar meet, I do not know how big an area it is, but it is one of the things I will find out. The marked area on the map is my info on the area I can find


After crossing the Sarasin Bridge and leaving Phuket, you enter Phang Nga province.

Sarasin Bridge, connecting Phuket and Phang Nga province.

Phang Nga is primarily known for the many limestone cliffs scattered throughout the province.

Initially, 2-300 million years ago, the area was 100 meters below sea level. Those were good old days, days before global warming.

At that time, the Limestone cliffs were not Limestone cliffs but corals that were part of a coral reef that stretched from Singapore up to the southern coast of China.