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Beach Phuket The South

Freedom Beach as good as it gets, Stairway to heaven


Location: Freedom Beach, 2 Kilometers south-west of Patong, The Andaman Sea, On the west coast of Phuket. Southern Thailand.
GPS coordinates 7.875031, 98.275573

As previously mentioned, one can either take a long tail boat, from one of the nearby beaches to the Freedom Beach or take the stairs. I came outside of the season, so there was no boat service, so I had to take the stairs.

On my way down to the beach when I started getting one divine look after the other, I was sure I had found the stairway to heaven 🙂 And when I came down to the beach, I was sure I had arrived in heaven.

But after spending half an hour in the sun walking on the beach, and have to go up all the stairs, things changed. What I previously thought was a stairway to heaven felt now when I was boiling, thirsty and tired, more like a hike to hell.

After a half an hour I reached the top, and the lovely people at the entrance had some water for me and a fresh cool tissue.

But my hardship was my fault because I did not bring water and did not rest on the hike 🙂

Practical info:
There are two ways to get to the beach either by longtail boat (the easy way) or by hiking up and down a very long stairway at least 20 min each way (the tough way) if you choose the hike, bring water and remember to rest on the walk.

I visited Freedom beach, in the low season, so there were no lifeguards, it might be different in the High season, any way you have to be very careful and never swim alone *(see warning below)

Rip currents can occur on most beaches so be careful if there is no lifeguard to ask.

Although all beaches in Thailand are public, one may have to pay an admission fee because you go through private land to get to the beach, this is the case at Freedom Beach, and by September 2018 it was 200 THB, and It seems reasonable when you see how much work is done to make the stairs going down to the beach.

Beach etiquette: What to do and not do at the beach in Thailand.

When you go to the beach, please always take any disposable rubbish with you and deposit in the bins when you go home.

Smoking on all beaches in Thailand is strictly forbidden, and there are significant fines if you do. So if you feel the need for tobacco then find one of the designated smoking areas. Vaporizers are forbidden in Thailand or at least rank as smoking.

Do not collect or remove corals or other natural objects from the beach. It is forbidden and punishable by jail or significant fines.

* Swimming warning for Thailand in general.
Swimming can be hazardous during certain times of the in the monsoon season – May to November. The monsoon also brings in the jellyfish, Portuguese man-o-war. While rarely fatal they might give you a painful sting.

If there are red flags along the beach, DO NOT go swimming.

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