Thai food recipes

When I have spoken to other westerners, most have expressed that it is difficult to make Thai food, but virtually all love to eat it. I have seen a lot of Thai chefs cook, to me it does not seem to be that hard to make Thai food, then when i have asked the chefs they all say Thai cooking is straightforward, it is the western food it is difficult to make.

My abilities in the kitchen have so far been very limited.. I can spoil some eggs and break some coffee, that was until I decided to learn how to cook Thai food. Of course, I have tried to cook from a cookbook many times. However, the problem has been that most of the recipes I could find only had one picture, namely the main picture of how the food should look like when it is ready cooked.

easy for anyone to make delicious Thai food

It has always been a great help with that one picture because my food never looked like the picture. So it was easy for me to see I had done something wrong, I did not even need to taste the food. When reading the recipe and it said something like “Cut garlic and ginger into medium size pieces and then fry the ginger and garlic until they are light brown.” That always made me wonder what medium size pieces are and what is light brown?.

I have therefore decided that I will make a Thai food cookbook. But it must be a different cookbook, and it must be a cookbook that makes it easy for anyone to make delicious Thai food. I will make a step by step cookbook, where I describe each step in both text and pictures.

In my recipes, you will find pictures picture of how the garlic and ginger look like when cutting into medium size pieces, and a picture of what they look like when light brown. I will show a picture of each step in the recipe, so you can bring your smartphone to the kitchen and take one image at the time until the dish is ready.

In addition to showing the recipes, I will also tell a short story about the origin of the different Ingredients and tell what nutrients they have.