Vientiane street food.
October 19, 2015
Natural remedies sold on the sidewalk in Vientiane.
October 19, 2015
Vientiane street life

Faded communism at a glance. This is not a tour guide to Vientiane Laos, but what i observed when walking the streets of Vientiane for 2 days with my camera.

11When you walk around Vientiane you really see how close Laos and Thailand is to each other. You could as well be in a Thai city in north east Thailand. The language is almost the same, the official language is very close to the dialect spoken in northeast Thailand, but the official Thai dialect is understood everywhere.

Also the building style is the same as you find all over Thailand, even though you also see a lot of buildings in french colonial style. The french influence is still visible in the streets, like street names and so.

A funny thing is, in the dry season when the water level of the Maekong river, there is bordering the city on the south side is low, people are growing vegetables in the dry river bed. Normally where the grow in under 1 meter of water.  

First time i visited Vientiane was in 2007, 8 years ago, and a lot have happened since. You can say kapitalisme are sneaking in and pressing the communisme out, Laos is still a communist country. All over the city construction are going on, modern high rises are being built everywhere.

Especially the Maekong river side at the south side of the city have developed, a lot of shop houses have been build and are only waiting for tenants, but it is general for

That the wealth have come recently you can see by looking at the cars in the streets, you almost see no old cars, only the Tuk Tuk are old. But you see a lot of lot of new high end 4×4 like Range Rover, Lexus, Land Cruiser etc.   

It is funny to see faded hammer and sickle banners side by side digital billboards advertising for Rolls Royce dealership.

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