Natural remedies sold on the sidewalk in Vientiane.

Natural remedies sold on the sidewalk in Vientiane.

Take a walk in nature’s pharmacy.

When you walk the streets of Vientiane you will find one street in particular where most of the vendors are selling natural remedies.

The importance of traditional medicine is recognized by the Lao government, and the government has established research centers under the ministry of public health, so that is at least one area where the government of Laos is ahead of most western governments.

Traditional medicine in Laos date back more than 4000 years, it has been well documented since the 14th century. 40% of Laos is covered by natural forest, and 80% of the population lives in the rural areas so therefore they have been in close contact with the natural remedies found in the forest.

All the above have done that the use of neural remedies is very big in Laos and therefore have made Laos to an ideal place to study natural remedies.

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