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Acacia Concinna – Soap-Pod

Acacia Concinna, commonly known as Shikakai or Soap-Pod

Acacia Concinna has since ancient times been used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Traditionally it has been used for making shampoo as it has a good cleansing effect, it is mild and has a naturally low pH so it does not remove the hairs natural oils.

The bark also contains high levels of saponins which is a good foaming agent.

Furthermore, is an infusion made from the leaves used in anti-dandruff preparations.

The plant is now grown commercially in the far east and India to order a special “Concinna extracts” that can be used in natural shampoos or hair powders.

Water made by boiling the pods can also be used to polish silverware, gold, and other metals.

In Thai traditional medicine Acacia Concinna are used in herbal formulas and herbal compresses.

An infusion made by boiling the leaves and pods in water is used for cleaning the skin and believed to increase skin resistance and to reduce skin pressure.

Acacia Concinna is also believed to reduce pain and helps to cold and can relieve yellow phlegm.

The leaf of Acacia Concinna
Fresh from the farm
First label
Replanted in a bigger bag.
The flower of Acacia Concinna
Ready to plant
Place the plant firmly on the soil, without damaging the roots.
Fill the hole with soil and give water.

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Acacia concinna

Botanical name: Acacia Concinna

English name: Soap-Pod

Thai name: ส้มป่อย (Sumboye)

Hindi name: Shikakai

Family: Fabaceae

Genus: Rubinia

Species: A. concinna

Parts used in traditional medicine:

Leaves, pods, and bark.

Taste: Bitter

Nature: Cold


Acacia concinna is an evergreen thorny spreading shrub or tree, it is either scandent or it can climb into other plants. It can grow up to 10 meters by 10 meters in size.

Origin: India

Range: Asia – Central to Southern India

Habitats: Rainforest, fields, creek sides, open grassland in open areas it often develops as a sprawling shrub.

Elevations: 50 – 1050 meters.

Care: Full sun, well drained soil, Frost free 1