Bhubing Rajanives Palace or only Bhubing Palace

Bhubing Palace

Bhubing Palace is located in Doi Suthep national park, 1/2 hour drive from Chiang Mai.

It was built in 1961 and is the royal families Chiang Mai residence. The palace is also used when the royal family has to welcome and entertain foreign dignitaries.

The first foreign royal visit to the palace was in 1962 when the Danish king and queen visited Thailand. This fact properly only interesting to me as I am from Denmark.

It is not what a European will understand as a royal palace, I will say it is more a mansion. It is very nice, but it is not as big as a European palace is.

The buildings are not open to the public as the royal family still use Bhubing Palace when they are in Chiang Mai. The gardens are really something special, especially if you are interested in flowers and plants. You are free to walk around almost everywhere in the gardens and that is a great experience.

The palace is open every day 08.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m, there is a dress code, same as you know from the temples. For more information check

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After you have payed a small admission fee you can enter the palace. Just inside the gate you can find the information. You can also hire a golf cart with a driver to take you on tour around the gardens.

The main attraction is the roses. It is not often you see nice roses in Thailand, it is to hot. Bhubing Palace is built at an altitude of 1676 meters, so the air is cooler than at sea level. That make it more easy to grow nice roses.

You will find many different sorts of roses and they are nice looking. One of the thing you judge a rose by is the size of the head, the bigger the better. And Bhubing Palace have succeed to grow roses with a bigger head than you normally see.

Most Thais loves roses, to them they are something special. That is one of the reasons that Bhubing Palace is a very popular to Thai tourist coming from other parts of Thailand

Because of the cooler temperatures you will also a lot of other sorts flowers and plants, there only can grow in the cooler climate.

Above you first see a very nice rose. Then you have a Dahlia, it is a pretty common flower in cooler countries, but i have never seen it in Thailand before.

Last you have the nicest Hortensia i ever seen in Thailand. I have a couple of Hortensias at my farm, but they look nowhere like the ones i saw at Bhubing Palace. I can get them to flower, but the flowers never become as big as the one you see above. Also the Leafes on mine Hortensia look nothing like the ones above.

Above you see the royal residens. The building sits on stilts, and is built in northern architectural style. The royal family lives on the upper floors, and their entourage live on the ground floor.

Of course there are also a very nicely greenhouse. Any nice garden has one. Normally, a greenhouse designed to ensure that the plants get enough daylight, and at the same time you has the possibility to be able to heat it up.

But in Thailand it is just the opposite, here greenhouses primarily are used to provide shade, and the ability to control how much water the plants get.

For example is 80% shade optimal for orchids. Furthermore, orchids should only be watered in the morning. At night they sleep and do not absorb water. So watering late in the day can cause the roots to rot.

It is a problem in the rainy season where it can rain many times a day, therefore it may be a good thing to use greenhouses for orchids.

I know that the pictures above are totally cliché. Bees and butterflies kissing the flowers. But I could not help it, I felt that I had to take the pictures, the motives was to tempting to miss.

In the rainy season a lot of the flower beds have a “roof” mads of bamboo and plastic. This have 2 purposes both to protect against the heavy rain not smash the plants and to make sure that plants do not get to much water. A bamboo construction where the bamboo are put in the ground will only last about one year, before the bamboo is eaten by insects.

Guest houses have been built at various locations in the gardens. Those are in use when the royal family entertain guest from abroad.

Above you first, you see the water reservoir there supply the palace and the gardens with water. Next, to the water reservoir, there is some shops where you can buy something to drink and some light snacks. The last picture is one of the royal residences. I think it is fair to call the building style “Lanna modern”, at least the roof it northern style, but otherwise a modern house.

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