How to grow turmeric in a pot.

Learn how to grow Turmeric in a pot step by step

Turmeric is an easy plant to grow.

Knowing how to grow turmeric in a pot is interesting because even it is a tropical plant you can also grow in other climate zones, it does not like if the temperatures go below 18°C., but it can actually grow everywhere as long as its roots don’t freeze, so if you grow turmeric in a pot you can bring the pot indoors if it gets too cold outside. If you bring it indoor just make sure it gets enough light.

Turmeric is a very easy plant to grow as long as it has well-drained soil and get enough water and light. Place it, if possible, in full sun. Water it regularly it must not dry out. Also, be careful not to over water, the soil has to be slightly dry to the touch between watering.

The rhizomes are ready for harvest after 8-10 months.

You do not need to fertilize use pesticides or other chemicals, which in my opinion makes it the perfect ecological plant.

Step 1, first you have to choose a suitable pot.

The most important thing is that there are drain holes in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can flow freely out of the pot. Trapped water in the bottom of the pot can cause the soil to get sour, this will cause the roots of the plant to rot.

The second most important thing when choosing the pot is that the pot has a reasonable size where there is room for two that the rhizomes have room to grow. New rhizomes will grow out beneath the ones you plant, so it is a good idea if the pot is deep.

If the pot is made of clay, plastic or other material is less important as long as it meets the above criteria.

How to grow turmeric in a pot
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Step 2, make a drainage layer.

Once you have the pot ready, first you have to make a drain layer in the bottom. You can use gravel or pottery sherds, as I do in the video, but you can also use other materials that can withstand water without being dissolved.

The reason why you always have to make a drainage layer is to help excess water to flow freely and easily out of the holes in the bottom of the pot.

It is very important that turmeric has well-drained soil so it can develop the best rhizomes. If the rhizomes rot because there is old water in the bottom of the pot, then the party is over before it’s even started.

How to grow turmeric in a pot
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Step 3, fill in the first layer of soil.

Fill the pot with soil up to about 10 centimeters from the top edge of the pot and compress the soil lightly with your hand. Then loosen the top 1/2 centimeter of soil a little with your fingers, this makes it easier to place the rhizomes.

How to grow turmeric in a pot
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Step 4, place the rhizomes.

Place the rhizomes in the loose layer at the top, and press them a little down to ensure they are in full contact with the soil. If they have already started to germinate, make sure the sprouts point upwards.

How to grow turmeric in a pot
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Step 5, top up with soil.

Fill approx. 5-6 centimeters of loose soil on the newly rhizomes, be careful not to damage any sprouts if the have started to germinate.

Last but not least, you have to thoroughly water the pot, do it a few times, so you are absolutely sure that all the soil in the pot is wet

How to grow turmeric in a pot
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Below in the picture gallery, you can follow how my project how to grow turmeric in a pot develops, I will try to update the gallery as frequently as possible.