How to plant a Papaya

How to plant a Papaya tree in clay.

I like Papaya salad very much, and a smoothie with Papaya is also very nice, and Papaya have a lot of healths benefits.

So papaya is definitely a plant you like to have on your farm. Also because you want your Papaya ecological and chemical free, then you have extra reason to grow them your self. And papaya is a fast growing plant so you will soon see, or taste, the result of your efforts.

The roots of the Papaya, like a lot of soil to grow in, other wise it will die. I have before tried to grow papaya in the ground on my farm, but with out luck, to much clay and to little, soil.

So the solution is to use a special technique when i plant in the ground, and not keep the plants in pots. What happens when i plant directly in the clay, is, the clay will sort of smother the plant, so the roots can not grow, and then the plant die. .

So first you dig a hole much bigger than when you plant normally. In that way you make a kind of a  pot in the in the clay, so the roots have space to grow, and when the roots have a certain size they can slowly penetrate the clay.

This technique is not only for clay soil, but you can use it every time you think the soil is not perfect, or if you want to kick start a plant, you just but some soil specially made for planting.

If you watch the video below you can see how i do.

subtitlesThis video have English subtitles, if they do not show when the video starts, you have to click the options on in the Video frame.

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