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San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

From old times San Kamphaeng Hot Springs was grassland, the people used the hot springs, and wells for bathing and boiling bamboo shoot…

In the start of the 1970s when the oil prices were high, because of the worldwide oil crisis, the Thai government have an idea that it could use San Kamphaeng Hot Springs to make electric energy, it was necessary to find alternative energy sources because of oil prices.

But using the heat energy from San Kamphaeng Hot Springs to generate electricity was far more expensive than using oil. Therefore In 1984 area of 75 Rais´s of land has been turned into a tourist attraction. The project has been postponed to a day future where cheaper technology that makes the idea profitable may be available.

The area has been landscaped as a park. The main attraction is two fountains of hot water there is an area where there is made canals and ponds where you also will find small shops sell food and beverage.

The small canals are meant for you to sit with your feet in the warm water, the temperature is regulated, so you do not get your feet boiled. There is also a bigger pond in the area where you can take a dip in the water.

In addition to managing the water flow the small canals, are also used as a gimmick where you can boil an egg. You can buy the egg in the shops and they come in a little bamboo basket, and there are hooks at the side of the canals, to hang the baskets on.

As the warm water from the wells and springs have many health benefits, there is also a mineral swimming pool. If you want privacy, you can rent a small cabin with a bathtub so you can have your private mineral bath.

You also have the opportunity of traditional Thai massage, it should be extra beneficial after you have had a hot mineral bath.

As San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is a favorite destination for Thai families, it is pretty crowded on the weekends.

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