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Wat Doi Saket

Take route 118 in direction of Chiang Rai you find Wat Doi Saket on the right-hand side app. 30 kilometers north of Chiang Mai.

Translated Wat Doi Saket means, Temple mountain Saket, or the Saket mountain temple. Wat=Temple, Doi=Moutain, and Saket is a name.

It is a quite big Temple with a lot to look at. You will find a lot of Buddha images in small houses around the Wat. And in the main building, there are some very nice wall paintings, in general, the room is nicer than in other temples.

Another nice thing is you can get inside the big chedi, it is one of the only Chedies I have seen where you could get inside. Not that there is much to see, actually there is another chedi inside, (row 4, picture 3), and that you can not get inside.

Also, there is a learning center where volunteers teach Buddhist monks English.

Wat Doi Saket is really worth a visit, and you can spend quite some time there. I had to restrict myself with how many pictures I show in this article. I have shown more than I usually do, but I still have very interesting pictures in my files.

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