Wat Mae Kaet Noi is a hell temple.

Wat Mae Kaet Noi

There are several hell temples in Thailand, but the most gruesome in Wat Mae Kaet Noi. A hell temple is a temple there shows what happen to you if you do not behave and sin in your present life. You go to hell.

Buddhist hell is not the same as  Cristian hell. The Christians believe that if you have been a bad person you will go to hell when you die and then you have to stay there forever and suffer all kind of bad things. As i can recall one of them is “you will burn forever”.

You can say the Buddhist hell is more reasonable. You do not have to stay in hell forever and you do not have to suffer a buffet of bad things. Buddhist hell is more like a jail sentence, you only have to stay there for a period of time, it can be a long time, but eventually, you can leave. The period you have to stay depending on your sin.

In Buddhist hell, there are specific punishments for various sins. Another different between Cristian and Buddhist hell is,  you go to Christian hell when you die. But you are reincarnated into Buddhist hell and when you die in Buddhist hell after you have served your sentence you will be reincarnated out of hell, so to speak.

Wat Mae Kaet Noi is located on the other side of the rice fields there is in front of my farm, only 1,5 kilometer away. Now i know where the screams i can hear sometimes late at night comes from.

Since I do not know enough about Buddhism, I find it will not be responsible if I comment on the pictures below, where it is illustrated what punishment you get for what sin you have done.

It is the same as i will not advise about the law as i am not a lawyer, or i will not advise about health as i am not a doctor. For further advice, you have to contact your local temple.

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