Golden triangle, Mai Sai and Tachileik.

The 2 Cities, Tachileik on the Burmese side of the border and Mai Sai on the Thai side of the border is a part of the golden triangle.

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The golden triangle is best known for its opium production, but the 2 cities are today well known for other reasons.

Mai Sai is is a very popular destination for Visa runs, used by foreigners in north Thailand. It is also a very popular day-trip destination for Thai tourist because of its abundant shopping opportunities on both sides of the border.

Mai Sai is also the most northern city of Thailand. The shops in Mai Sai are mostly selling food from the region, that is hard to come by in other parts of Thailand and the most comes from Burma. There are also a lot of cheap legal products from China. It is very popular for Thais to buy clothing and blankets etc. in Mai Sai.

Mai Sai and Tachileik are connected by a bridge over the Mekong river. The river is a part of the border between Thailand and Burma, and if you follow the river it is also a part of the border between Thailand and Laos.

Tachileik have almost everything in counterfeit goods from China, Cigarettes, Viagra, kitchenware, brand items, fishing rods, everything in electronics, phones, etc. you name it they have it.

The border control on the Thai side of the border have improved a lot, in recent years, so you can no just walk over the border and bring everything you want.

It is not advisable to buy copy goods in Burma especially not Phones and other electronics, as you get x-rayed when you come back to Thailand.

Pictures from Mai Sai.

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Mai Sai ThailandWhen you come to Mai Sai, you see the big blue portal, there is the border crossing.

border-crossingYou leave Thailand on the left side of the portal, and re-enter on the right side

juice-vendorBurmese vendors on the way back to Burma with fresh supplies.

bike-shoppingA lady in a rickshaw on the way back to Burma after shopping in Thailand.

opium pipesOpium , is illegal, but the pipes is still for sale in the Golden triangle city of Mai Sai.

roasted chestnutsA girl roasting and selling chestnuts.

How to stamp.

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border crossing Thailand BurmaThis is the Border crossing, you leave Thailand on the left hand side, and re-enter on the right-hand side.

welcome-to-burmaYou cross the bridge and enter Burma

burma-passport-controlJust as you enter, you see the little yellow house on the right hand side, this is where you get your passport stamped.

Mekong riverA look down the Mekong river, from the bridge.

cars quing up to get back into ThailandCars queuing up to get back into Thailand

Enter Thailand from BurmaWhen you go back to Thailand, you have to enter the portal on the left-hand side and remember to fill out your arrival card, before going to get your arrival stamp.

Pictures from the bridge

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a boy removing lice from her little sisterA boy removing lice from her little sister

A-little-Burmese-girlA bare footed little Burmese girl, sitting on with her lunch on the bridge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Burmese family relaxing on the bridge.

Pictures from Tachileik, the city of The Golden Triangel.

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Golden-triangel-cityThe city sign saying City of the golden triangle.

Burmese taxiesTaxies waiting for costumes.

Mini-busA taxi driving around trying to find a tourist to take for a ride.

betel nut shopA shop selling the betel nut. The nut gives you red teeth, and is a bit refreshing.

Burmese flower girlA girl selling flowers from her cart.

Fresh vegetables A fresh vegetables vendor

Burma street lifeStreet life in the city with copies of everything for sale.

copy viagraGuys selling copy cigarettes, copy Viagra and copy DVDs.

girl-shopping-copyA girl shopping copy goods, everything in Brand names.

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