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Coconut in the garden

Coconut is a super fruit, but not in your garden.

Coconut is a real super fruit, it has a lot of health benefits, and the coconut water is really refreshing and tastes good, ice-cold on a hot day.

I eat coconut or drink the coconut water almost every day, because of the health benefits, you can read more about the benefits here…

Coconut Uses Infographic, about Coconut is used around the world

The coconut also has many other uses, as you can see on the Infographic. In Thailand, it is used for everything and more…

An important use, not mentioned here, is that is it used for mixing in the soil when you want to improve the soil quality, I use it a lot on the farm. I buy small coconuts chunks, I mix in the soil.

Also, plant exporters use coconut husk, but they kind of grate it, so it become more powder like, the reason for that is, many countries do not allow the import of soil, so the farmers have to use another medium, and here is coconut husk very good.

Note: If you want to use coconut instead of soil, you have to check, the salt level in the husks, it can be high and kill the plants, if so, or to be sure, you have to soak it in water, for some days, change the water and then soak it again.

Also, the husk uses a lot of the nutrition when it is converted to soil, so you have to fertilize more than with normal soil.

Why is it not good in the garden?

The coconut tree is not a beautiful plant, so you do not grow it for beauty. But only for the nuts.

The very not nice thing is the coconut tree can reach a hight up to 30 meters, and a coconut falling from 30 meters is a killer. I have a coconut tree in my garden, a coconut has not hit me, but my car has been hit by one. Before I was aware of the danger of falling coconuts, I happened by mistake to park my car under the coconut tree. A coconut fell and damaged my bonnet severely, but luckily it could be repaired.

Pookie is picking coconuts.

Then I had to make a flower bed under the coconut tree. At the time there were ten almost ripe coconuts on the tree. I was thinking more and more about the 10 “bombs” hanging over my head, only waiting to fall.

But Pookie had the solution, the neighbor had a coconut stick laying around, it is a very long bamboo stick with a knife in the end, and when standing on a ladder, it was possible to cut down the coconuts.

Even I was standing almost 10 meters away, taking photos, I was hit by a coconut on my food.

When falling from the top of the tree and hitting the ground, the coconut jumped app. a meter in the air. One of the nuts rolled and hit me on my foot, and it hurts but nothing too serious.

The coconut farmers also use monkeys to pick coconuts.

They have the monkey in a long line, then the monkey climbs the tree and pick the coconuts and throw them down to the farmer. You can ask yourselves if the monkeys hope of revenge, is to hit the farmer, with a coconut because of keeping it locked up.

The coconut is in Latin called Cocos nucifera.

The coconut tree live to an age of about 80 to 90 years, and start bearing fruits after 7-10 years. And can be up to 30 meters high. There are different varieties of coconuts like one is grown for its meat and another for its water. You can find coconuts trees in most coastal areas because the coconut can travel a long distance over water, and therefore starts to grow when it reaches land after having fallen into the water in an other area.