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The Flower market in Chiang Mai is called Kham Tiang.

Kham Tiang flower market in Chiang Mai is the place to go if you are in Northern Thailand and need plants for your garden.

It is almost only a market for plants and garden supplies, so if you want to make a beautiful tropical garden Kham Tiang flower market in Chiang Mai, have everything you need.

It is the biggest specialist garden market in northern Thailand if not in whole Thailand, there are other areas around Bangkok where there also is a big selection of garden plants but Kham Tiang is the most organized and here you find everything in plant material and accessories for gardening. You will also find a section in the market who are selling fish for garden ponds.

The market is very big and has products from all of north Thailand. Many of the shops are own by the farmers who grow plants and then sell them at the market. The rest of the shops are simply buying and selling.

If you are just visiting Chiang Mai and don’t have a garden, Kham Tiang flower market Chiang Mai is certainly a place to visit. Take a walk and look at all the beautiful flowers and enjoy a refreshment or a light meal at the restaurant.

The market is located behind Tesco Lotus Shopping Centre at the super high way north of the city about 5 km. from Chiang Mai city center. It opens at about 9 am and closes at about 6 pm.

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