Kamala beach burning.

The military clean Kamala beach, all illegal shops have to go.

Kamala Beach cleaned by the military in the 2014 nationwide “big clean-up” operation where illegal structures were removed from public land.

While the operation was ongoing at Kamala Beach it made the beach look like a war zone. Burning bars and litter everywhere.

But when the operation was finished it left the Beach whiter and more beautiful than ever. But it took a little while to get it all cleaned up. The reason why it took a little longer to get all the litter cleared away, was because, before the illegal bars, sun chairs and other businesses was removed, it was the owners of those illegal businesses there, did the daily cleaning of the beach.

Before the clean up the beach was overfilled with shops, restaurants, vendors, sun chairs and sun umbrellas. Every form of business had in common that they were using public land for private business.

According to Thai law, it is forbidden to use public land for private business, and on Kamala beach, there was a lot of people doing so.

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