Mae Rim tourist attractions.

Mae Rim is a subdistrict in Chiang Mai province.

Mae Rim is mostly known for all the tourist attractions you will find on the main road to Samoeng. If you follow the road you can drive way around Doi Suthep, the mountain there is towering over Chiang Mai`s to the west.

On the first stretch of the road, you will find numerous tourist attractions, everything from insect shows and monkey show to an elephant camp and a botanical garden.

In this gallery, I have chosen to only show the posters and signs for the attractions. To visit all the attractions and write about every single one would be very big tasks. Not to mention the combined admissions fees.

The elephant camp is one of the last attractions before you come to Queen Sirikit botanical garden. The botanical garden was the only attraction I visited, you can see the gallery here…

There is also some orchid farms you can visit. But you have to know a visit to an orchid farm can easily be a disappointment. Most people who are visiting an orchid farm expect to see a lot of flowering orchids. Most orchids only flower only one time every year, and not for a long period. And furthermore, most of them are only flowering from February to April. So it is very seldom you will see a lot of flowers on an orchid farm.

If you want to see flowering orchids I can recommend you visit  Kham Tiang flower market. The farmers around Chiang Mai are selling most their orchids here, therefore you will see the available selection of flowering orchids here. For more information on Kham Tiang, flower market click here…

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