In the footsteps of James Bond in Phang Nga bay

In the footsteps of James Bond in Phang Nga bay by speedboat part 4

After the village on stilts, we came to a true mangrove forest. We could not sail in there in the speed boat but had to switch to sea canoes.

Each canoe had a guide who also rowed the canoe. The canoes were inflatable so therefore they were very seaworthy, so no one fell into the water.

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When you hear the word “mangrove forest” it sounds like a lot more interesting than it really is, it is because there is so much to see, exept trees growing in the water.

Of course, there are a lot of animals in the mangrove forest but you do not see them. Here too, the rule is that the wild animals flee when you comes.

One can say when sitting in a canoe in a mangrove forest, it’s not so nice that the wild animals are fleeing it could be nice to see some of the animals living there.

But when you go into a pitch-black tunnel under a mountain in water up to your waist, with only a faint flashlight to defend yourself with, is it ok wild animals flee when you come. In that situation, you do not wish to see any animals at all.

But do not despair completely, not all the wild animals fleeing, the mosquitoes do not, but once again save our guides foresight us, when we boarded the canoes we were all sprayed with mosquito oil, the brand of mosquito oil there actually works.

Although I am not the biggest mangrove forest fan, the trip in the sea canoe around the Mangrove forest was a great experience I would not be without. And once again our guides succeed in showing us a piece of Phang Nga Bay where there were no other tour groups, we sailed around, practically alone, in the peaceful untouched nature.

The last stop on today’s tour was on a small beach where there were wild monkeys, and they fled not because we came, on the contrary, they came closer, they knew we had bananas for them.

After a short visit to the monkey island, we sailed back to the pier. The first thing we were greeted with when we came ashore, was a photographer who would sell pictures of us as we boarded the boat in the morning, I had seen the photographer in the morning and knew what he was up to, and had said no Thanks to getting my photo taken, so there were no photos of me. There was a Thai minibus to transport us back to the office.

Captain Mark who owns Phuket Sail tours and his very competent guides had planned a perfect trip it really was a pleasure to be with them for the day.

Just the detail that we felt pretty much alone in Phang Nga Bay all the time, although there probably had been more than 10,000 other Tourist spread out all over the bay, but Captain Mark and his crew knew how to avoid them, a thing like this made the trip a unique experience.

At no time, you felt like you were a herring in a barrel, also on the boat, there was plenty of room it was not crowded.

Captain Mark had not taken the short cut to cramp in as many as possible for extra profit, it had in no way a claustrophobic feeling that made you want you to go home as soon as possible, you just wanted to relax and enjoy.

I can only recommend Captain Mark and his team, you can feel that for them it is important that you get the best experience, you can feel they care. In short, they make you feel special.

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