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Phuket downtown market

The oldest market in Phuket Town is the downtown market.

Phuket town downtown market is located the Old Phuket Town on Ranong Road. The market is in a 3-floor building, where the basement is the food section. In the early morning hours, the market also occupies the nearby streets and sidewalks, in the area. The market is open 24/7.

At 3 am in the morning, farmers come from the nearby provinces to sell their products. And trucks are coming all the time from Bangkok, with products from around the country, but mostly from the Chiang Mai area.

There is also a quite big import of products from China and Malaysia. You see cardboard boxes from those 2 countries lying around the street.

Vendors from other markets as well as restaurants from around Phuket do their shopping here. In the early morning hours when the market occupies the streets and sidewalk surrounding the market, there are stalls everywhere. Though you have to come early to see this. You will find a big variety of fruits, vegetable, and meat here. there are also small stalls with Thai snacks ready to eat.

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