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Pruning trees the Thai way.

The trees behind my house are growing a little out of control, and have to be cut down.

The trees are over drainage canal. Click to enlarge.

I planted the trees about 9 years ago, as very small, now they are too big and I am afraid they will topple in a storm.

As the trees are over a drainage canal, and I am not a master tree climber, also I do not have the tools for cutting trees.

So I figured that I needed professional help. So I got the local guy that are cutting trees to come to my farm.

He said the job would take him almost a day, and he wanted 21 Euro to do the job.

He said he had all the tools needed to do the job, and he guaranteed that the trees would not fall into the roof.

I said “perfect” and we had a deal. I would remove the trees and branches he cut down.

The tree cutter with his knife. Click on the picture to enlarge.

He came the next Saturday ready for work, I was a little surprised, he did not bring a chainsaw, he did not even bring a wood saw, he only brought a knife. Ok, i have to say it was a big knife.

I was thinking “How is he gonna do that, he will never be finished?

But we had a deal. He started to work, the knife he had turned out to be very efficient, more like an ax.

I asked him about the knife, he showed it to me, and I could see it was very good quality, and it was very sharp. He said it was specially made and he had paid 26 euro for it.

His technique is not quite what I ‘m used to from Denmark. It would certainly not be approved by the labor inspectorate. But watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Safety when working is not a big thing in Thailand but is getting better, however, I think it will take some years to reach Danish standards.


I took the trees away he cut down, even it was a very hot day we got the job done in about 8 hours with a break for lunch.Action with the knife. Click to enlarge.Job done. Click to enlarge..

Cut down trees in the drainage canal. Click to enlarge.