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The ghost Hotel

In Sirinat national park, Phuket you will find a real ghost Hotel.

It looked like a Hotel with the potential to become a very nice 5-star hotel, where all rooms had a private pool, and an extraordinary view over the beach and the bay.

But now it is now a ghost hotel.

On the roof terrace, there was meant to be a restaurant and a very nice swimming pool, it is easy to judge by the construction already done.

Why the Hotel was abandoned, I can only speculate about. In my opinion, there can be 2 reasons for that. One is the project run out of money or it did not have the right building permission.

My best guess is it does not have the right building permissions, but it is only a guess, but it is built in the national park, where it is normally, impossible to get legal building permission.

Also if it was because the funding ran out, I will assume that somebody would have had taken over the project, as the hotel was nearly finished when the constructions were stopped.

Or a 3. possibility could be, that the construction was done wrong, maybe it is an example of shoddy construction and cheap solutions. when you walk around inside the Hotel you see some of the floors is almost collapsing.

Another reason why I think the Hotel is totally abandoned, and the project never to be started up again, is the total lack of security.

There is no gate, no guards, no doors, you can walk straight in, as I did and it is ripped for everything of value, now it is only an abandoned hotel in decay.

If you decide to visit, you must exercise extreme caution, it is not safe to walk around inside the hotel, how bad it is I first found out when I reached the roof terrace on the top floor, it was a very long climb down. Also when you have seen my pictures you do not need to go and have a look for yourselves. I missed out nothing.

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