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Visa run to Vientiane Laos, part 2

Visa run to Vientiane Laos, part 2

Apply for Visa and get back to Thailand.

The next day i was at the consulate 7:50, at that time the gates were opened and 50 people were waiting in line to apply for Visa already. I spoke to a guy, he said he was at the consulate the day before, at 11:00 am, but at that time the queue was already full and the consulate was closed, so he had to come back the next day. If you go by air-plane, i advise you plan for staying an extra day in Laos if the queue too long and you have to come back the next day, or you meet other delays.

Outside the consulate, there is a lot of hustlers who want to help you, with everything. They make copies, take passports photos, you need for your applications, help you fill out the papers. When i was not interested, in their help to do my Visa, they could even provide me with female company, stay clear of these hustlers, you do not need them.

It is very easy to fill out the papers, and inside the consulate, there is a copy/photo service, and they can also for a fee fill out the papers for you, and at 1/2 price of what the hustlers outside charge. And also signs inside the consulate warn you, saying it is at your own risk to use the hustlers outside.

When you get inside the consulate you will find the copy service in the building to the left. To the right you will find rows of chairs, in front of the chairs are some tables, and on the left-hand table, you find the application forms.

Also in front of the chairs, you will find some bulletin board, where there are sample forms already filled out so you can see how to do.

When you have done your papers, sit down at the chairs, the queue starts at the front row the and wait for your turn, the staff will collect your application at the table in front of the chairs.

Once you have submitted your form you will be given a number and you have to come back the next day to collect your visa and passport.

The Thai consulate in Vientiane when closed.
At this table you get your form and submit it when it is filled out.
Hustlers in front of the consulate.
If you do not get a number, the queue start at seat row number one.
Waiting area inside the consulate.
Prices for copy services inside the consulate.

You can collect your Visa the next day from 13:00 pm when the consulate opens after the lunch break.

The slip you got when you submitted your application have a number, so simply sit down and wait for your number to be called. When it is your turn go to the counters where it say your number, pay the fee your check your Visa. That is all.

When you come to pick up your Visa wait until the number on your slip is called.
When your number is up, go to the 2 windows on the left hand side and pick up your Visa.
The coffee shop inside the consulate.

My flight back to Chiang Mai was first the next day at 3 o’clock. It takes about 3 hours to get to Udon Thani airport if everything goes smooth.

Vientiane bus station

The next morning I was at the central bus station next to the morning market in Vientiane, 15 minutes to 8:00 am, to catch the first bus at 8:00 am, the buses leave every hour until about 4:00 – 5:00 pm. Go inside the station and buy your ticket and board the bus.

The border.

The first stop is the Laos passport control where you have to get your departure stamp. Remember to have filled out the departure card you got when you arrived in Laos. Then you first go to a counter and get your stamp, and then just follow the line, to get out of the passport control, you have to pass 2 more counters where you only have to show your passport.

Then board the bus and it will take you across the bridge and stop with the Thai passport control. You have to bring your luggage from the bus because you also have to clear Thai custom.

First, you go to the counter where you get your arrival card. Fill out the card and go to the passport control, and get your stamp. Remember to check that the officers stamp the right dates in your passport before you leave the counter.

Udon Thani bus station.

At the bus station go inside and buy the ticket for the bus.
-get your stamp and leave Laos.
At the Laos passport control, you need to get an exit stamp.
When you arrive on the Thai side, get and fill out an arrival card.
Remember to fill out your departure card.
Board the bus and get back to Udon Thani.

The bus will take you to Udon Thani bus station. here you can either take a Tuk Tuk or a minivan to the airport, the price of a Tuk Tuk is 100-150 bath depending about how good you at negotiating.


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