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Wat Umong

The land of Wat Umong covers more than 37 rais of land mostly covered in woods.

Wat Umong means the tunnel temple, Wat= temple, and Umong=tunnel. The temple date back to 1297 where it was built by the Lanna King Manglai.

The most famous attraction at the temple is its tunnels. The legend says the king build the tunnels to keep  The tunnels was build to keep a famous but mentally deranged monk inside the area of the temple.

The monk liked to wandering around the bush,and stay away for days. The king was afraid he would get lost or in other way come in harm’s way, so, therefore, he build the tunnels and decorated the walls of the tunnels with painted scenes from the bush.

It is only recently that the tunnels have been cleaned out and fitted with light so the are comfortable to visit, for a long period they were home to bats and massive amounts of spider webs.

Around the grounds of the temple, both in the trees and other places,  there is as in many other temples a lot of signs with Buddhist sayings both in Thai and English.

Another attraction is a Buddha-field of broken Buddha sculptures there is also a museum/library where you will find a lot of books on Buddhism and but it also has books on other philosophies. The museum also has a collection of historic Buddhist art.

The land of the temple you will also find a lake, and as in almost all temples there is attached to a river, have a pond or a lake, Wat Umong have the “feed the fish” feature, you can buy a little bag of fish food you can feed to the fish, the fish almost dance above the water in order to get the food. At Wat Umong, the feature is a little more than normal, there are also turtles you can feed.

The whole temple is in a very natural setting, and it is very relaxing to walk around the land. Wat Umong also has a meditation school where you can learn meditation.

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